The room

The new room is hot and humid. They haven’t installed any AC or fan, only the spring breeze secretly touch our bare back. I lie on my stomach, with my right cheek touching the cool white floor, looking at you through my left eye.

My David, my beautiful statue in the museum, my secret naked protagonist of a hidden scene, you’re sweating, smiling with me. 

You’re that forbidden creature whom I touch like worshiping a creator. 

You create me, inside the bubble of your selfish love. 

I can’t stop my fingers from running down your spine. 

I can’t stop looking at you, I can’t stop loving what I’m looking at.

 I hug you from behind, feel your warm body through the thin blanket, I kiss your back, feel like I know everything about you, feel like I’m touching your eyebrows, yours eyes, your nose, your desirable lips, your Adam apple, your chest, your abs, your pride left of a naked human being.

 You lie there, the moonlight streams down on your face, the night covers me, darkness covers us. 

Pleasure fills up the room, emptiness fills in my heart. 

Touching me at the core of human being, bring out all the chaos in me, crush my ego,  break my heart into pieces, you’re the master of destruction. 

You burn me down and build me up, like the phoenix rises from the ash, 

Let me, cave the ink on your skin. 

Let me, scar my heart in the beauty of sadness and self destruction. 

Let me, once embed my name on your sleeves. 

Don’t erase me, don’t enslave me. 

Don’t leave me alone with my solitude,

Don’t leave me cover in dust. 

Don’t let the time fly, just stay there, on the floor, looking at me with your sad eyes, being naked for me, 

So once in a life time, I have you. 


Trouble sleeping 

And we keep lying to ourselves, 

Cutting the wound deeper than it should be, 

A deep sigh in the sadness of a rainy afternoon 

I cry for that scar of mine, was not yet healed, is now opened. 

Wonder why would I even be here, stretching myself in your bed, touching your warm body 

Feeling your heart beats fast on my chest, 

You breath into me, your sweat is my tear. 

You don’t want to make me feel sad, I don’t want to make you feel bad. 

I just want to cut of the line, turn down the page,


I wake up, again, 

From the night mare of a perfect dream in my fantasy.