Hiding yourself from the crowd, 

You stand there in the corner watching me smile under the afternoon sunlight 

The sun shines lazily, I miss you terribly. 

Time stops, I wish you was just a bit closer. 

Waiting for everyone to leave, 

You give me a kiss that I can keep.  

Your smile makes me cry. 

The sunflower in your hand melting down to your feet, 

And we suddenly stand on a flower field. 

Spring comes, flowers blossom, 

Holding my hands, you tell me how much I make you proud. 

Baby, I don’t need a crown. 

Life is already a clown, 

I float in the air, I fly up to the sky, 

Wishing if you’d ever be mine 

Just the two of us, in a dark room waiting for the sun to go down. 

Standing in front of me, but apart by an ocean. 

The sunflowers again shine, bring us back to the reality. 

You’re that astronaut leaning towards the spaceship windows. 

I’m the dust covering your sleeves on the left side… 


Something just like this. 

I want to walk with you again, 

On the bridge with just us there

Showing me the whole city below, 

The light sparkling in the dark. 

The stars were up high,

Kissing me on the lips, 

Saying nothing, you brought me to eternity.

My heart wanted to sing, 

A song for just two of us, 

A song of nothing but pure love. 

I’m not who I am when I’m around you, 

My body is weak, my feet are trembling walking next to you. 

My heart is vulnerable, my brain knows nothing but that I’m in love. 

All these journeys I chose, just to be silent next to you, 

All the work I put myself through, just to be with you, 

All the tough tasks, all the lies, all the cakes that Noone else can have, 

I took them all, I devoured all, 

All the toxic cakes Noone else could ever stand. 

I watched myself bleeding, leaving my net, cutting myself off from the herd, I followed my heart like a black sheep. 

I burned myself down just for a walk at night with you. 

What are you? A new ideology I live for? 

This madness is perhaps, stronger than what I devoted for….