Be fine without me.

Will you be fine without me, being on someone else’s bed in a foggy day?

Will you be fine without me, letting someone else’s lips touching yours?

Will you be fine without me, attending the parties which you never belong to?

Will you be fine without me, putting yourself in a crowd full of people that squeeze your head?

Will you be fine without me, seeing the sun goes down without me by your side?

Will you be fine with out me, lying to your little heart where the home is?

Hold my hands, enjoy life like how  the breeze touches this lake

Sing the song that only us can hear, sending this love thousand miles away

Hold me tight, one last time like how the dark night embraces the moon

Let my fingers running through your spine, leaving my mark on you.

I know that you’re broken today, give me a piece of yours

Wear my name on your neck, kiss me in the night, tell me goodnight

I am sad seeing the man who makes you high,

Will you be fine, continuing this fight?…


April rain 

Another rainy season has come,

I’m still looking over my windows waiting for the last stream of sunlight drops on my fingers 

I see me waiting for you in a rainy day years ago,

I waited for you then, I wait for us now

I die a bit inside, 

with an unlocked door,

My heart bleeds a bit inside waiting for your touch.

My memory stops right where you are, 

My heart knows only you, 

My eyes keep searching for you in the dark,

And my mind, 

Is lost without you.




You want me to leave, you want me to just run away,

You want me to leave you alone with your sickness

You want me to let you be with your loneliness

You kiss me, then you kick me

You touch me, then you delete me

You love me, and then you don’t

You want me for yourself, then you want me to be someone else’s

You open your heart to me, and you never tell me how lonely it could be

You put the necklace with your name on my neck, then you want me to be free

You put the ring on my finger, then you want me to be loved by someone else

You let me go, then you call me

You let me go, then you torture me.

You kiss my belly, then you want me to have the babies that are not yours…

You say you care, then you let me torture myself with the blood i bled for you, now is drunken by someone else.

And you’re sitting on the edge of the bed,


Telling me how weak you are,

You want me to be happy,

You don’t want to make me feel sad,


You are just selfish,

You never let me have a chance to love you.

The necklace, i took off

That ring, I’ve never put on

What is the point, of not being able to love someone who loves you?

I’m bleeding inside seeing how you torture yourself,

but hey, we will be fine,

the sun will always shine, for you.

Be well, love.