June 22nd 

I’m sitting by the bed, looking over the windows, seeing every light being off from my neighbor’s windows. The night is slowly getting over, but I can’t get over myself. I feel like a kid building castle on the sand and seeing all the grains slipping through the space between my fingers, going back to the sea. I don’t feel right. I miss you so much, I miss quiet road, starry night and the comfortable feeling when I’m around you. I miss a real good laugh and the feeling of being me. Raw feeling, the comfort of not being disturbed and annoyed by superficial love. I don’t think I was born to love or care, I always end up hurting myself. I was not made to love or to be in a loving crowd, because I simply ruin everything I love. I feel like a wolf. I am used to walking on my own, I have my own phobia and hatred that I can’t even explain. But I know that I need you, you and your reality keep me sane. I might not be loved, but it’s ok, because who rrally knows what love is…

Are you alright? 


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