I wish

Today I lie alone in bed, wishing it was easier to have you.

I wish I was in your arm,

I wish you were turning your back at me sleeping,

I wish you were In the bathroom brushing your teeth

I wish you were in the next room cooking,

I wish you were upstairs again doing laundry,

I wish you were outside driving around,

I wish you were across the street,

I wish you were just a block away,

I wish I could just walk to you,

I wish one bus could finally bring me to where you are.

I wish I could jump on the train and see you at the last station.

I wish I wouldn’t have to be too far from you.

I wish there was no boundary between us

I wish I could close my eyes and feel you next to me.

I wish life was as simple as it should be.

I wish I could keep everything about us,

I wish you remembered,

I wish time stopped, and there would be you, and me, and my inner peace dancing under the moonlight.


Wish you would know.

I wrote you a long letter in my head,

Repeating every single thing over and over again 

Playing with my word,

My heart burned in flame, 

Wanting you to know about me,

Me, wanting to know everything about you.

Are you wearing raincoat driving under the rain?

Do you get sick because of the stupid weather?

Where did you go?

What you ate?

Whom you met?

How you feel?

I want to know if you are doing fine?

I want to know if your diet had changed ?

I want to know who was in your bed last night.

I want you to know my heart struggles

My head spins, my tears drop and my thought can’t stop pouring on my memory.

I want you to know no matter what I Do,

I think of you, 

And my heart screams, wishing you would know.

I want you to know I cry to sleep,

Getting caught in my own chaotic thoughts.

Staying up all night, wondering what have I done with my life, why, how and when.

Many things happened.

I wish you would know.