I would write you a long letter to tell you how i feel and what it feels like to be lonely. But in the end, this is not a love song, i can’t compose the sad melancholic notes for you to play in any other rainy afternoon anymore, not without me.

I don’t know where to begin, i feel too lonely that i would spend time eating breakfast and turn on a video, any video so there would be voices inside the house. I enjoy my alone time too much, too much that i feel lonely, even with someone else by my side. I would go out, i would meet new people, but i don’t know what i am doing, how do i suppose to feel and where should i go next. I am drained and tired. You would hate me so much hearing me saying this again, I am not who you see. This feeling is eating me up, killing me inside, I would sit still for hours, thinking, doing nothing. I am irritated, anti social, mean. And you write me a letter, tell me to go out and meet people? Good opportunity my *ss. I am totally lost, and i am telling you this, i am about to ruin my life forever. Nothing would be the same anymore. Every night i go to bed crying, silently, loudly, obviously, hiddenly. I lost myself again, and i don’t care about me anymore.

Might you send me the joy from where you are?


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